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Land surface Interactions with the Atmosphere over the Iberian Semi-arid Environment


The LIAISE database is hosted by AERIS under the HyMeX data policy. Data is being continuously updated as it is processed: please see the site for a listing of data.

  • Data can be uploaded (including metadata) and downloaded from the LIAISE AERIS DB.
  • A document describing the database usage procedures is available.
  • If you have never registered or accessed the data and wish to, please first register on the AERIS site, then send a mail to aaron.boone@meteo.fr to be granted download access.

LIAISE Data not on the AERIS database:

Some datasets taken during the LIAISE field campaign are located on other servers but can be accessed. Please see the links below for further information or data access.

  • The Scanning L-band Active/Passive (SLAP) data from the airborne simulator of NASA's Soil Moisture Active/Passive (SMAP) satellite data aquired during the SOP can be accessed on a NASA data server.
  • Certain data (surface flux data for the Boldu irrigated corn, the irrigated vinyard at the Verdu site, SIF at La Cendrosa, GLORI soil mositure etc...) can be found on the CESBIO Système d'Information Environnemental (SIE) server.

Instrument/Platform Data specification Geophysical quantity Temporal/Spatial resolution File type Location Delivery date(tentative)
UHF wind profiler UHF data at low acquisition mode - Wind components
- Reflectivity
- Doppler spectral width
- Boundary layer depth
- Turbubulent Kinetic Energy Dissipation rate
- 2 min temporal resolution
- 75 m vertical resolution
- vertical coverage: up to about 3 km
Netcdf and PNG quick look images Els Plans early 2022
UHF wind profiler UHF data at high acquisition mode - Wind components
- Reflectivity
- Doppler spectral width
- Boundary layer depth
- Turbubulent Kinetic Energy Dissipation rate
- 2 min temporal resolution
- 150 m vertical resolution
- vertical coverage : up to about 8 km
Netcdf and PNG quick look images Els Plans early 2022
ATR-42 ATR-42 atmospheric core data - Latitude, Longitude, Altitude
- Pressure
- Temperature
- Humidity
- Wind
- Radiation Short Wave and Long wave components
- 1s (1Hz) Netcdf Study domain early 2022
ATR-42 Turbulence ATR-42 Atmospheric turbulence data Fluctuations:
- three wind components
- potential temperature
- water vapour mixing ratio
Turbulent moments:
- mean, variances
- covariances
- third order moments and skewness
- Turbulent kinetic energy (TKE)
- TKE dissipation rate
- Integral scales
- 0.04s (25 Hz) Netcdf Study domain Spring 2022
Lysimeters in apple trees Evapotranspiration of two weighing lysimeters (one well-watered and the other stressed during summer 2021) ET (mm/hour) hourly .txt Mollerussa (IRTA experimental station) February 2022
Biophysical parameters of the vegetation (remote sensing) Biophysical parameters of the vegetation obtained from Sentinel-2 satellites - Leaf Area Index (LAI)
- Fractional vegetation cover (FVC)
- Chlorophyll content
5 days / 20 m Netcdf Plà d’Urgell (entire Lleida region) December 2021
Estimates of crop evapotranspiration and Land Surface Temperature (remote sensing) Time-series of actual and potential estimates of crop evapotranspiration, obtained by using the ‘two-source energy balance’ (TSEB) model, and Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 satellites. Outputs of SEN-ET product - Actual crop evapotranspiration (ETa) with TSEB
- Potential crop evapotranspiration (ETpot) with Penman-Monteith & Shuttleworth-Wallace
- Land Surface Temperature
- Crop water stress index, calculated as ETa/ETpot
Daily / 20 m
(Since 2017-2021)
Netcdf Plà d’Urgell (entire Lleida region) December 2021
UAV thermal+multispectral UAV thermal & multispectral flight at Mollerussa at very high-resolution, which will be used to estimate ET partitioning Thermal and multispectral mosaics 29th July 2021 tiff Mollerussa (IRTA experimental station) January 2022
Irrigation systems map Map of the classification of different irrigation systems, obtained from Artificial Intelligence and ET time-series Irrigation type map (flood, sprinkler, drip irrigation, no irrigation) Years 2017-2021 tiff Plà d’Urgell (entire Lleida region) April 2022
SLAP (Scanning L-band Active Passive) onboard the NASA B200 King Air - Level 1B microwave brightness temperatures
- Level 2 soil moisture
- Level 1B thermal IR temperature
Single flight on selected dates suring the SOP. One day with morning and afternoon flights/
Ranging approximately from 100x200m to 220x430m
TBD Study Domain Spring 2022
FLIS (Flying Laboratory of Imaging Systems) frown by CzechGlobe hyper-spectrale images - visible, near infrared and infrared (focus on BDRF effect) TBD - Two central points (over Corn)
- An area with a diameter of approx 2,5km (including La Cendrosa)
- An area covering the same cross-sectional transect/area as the HyPlant sensor.
WindRASS Wind and Temperature profiler 3D wind, virtual temperature - 15 min temporal resolution
- 10 m vertical resolution
- vertical range: 40 – 400 m
NetCDF Mollerussa (IRTA experimental station) Early 2022
Network of 21 automatic weather stations (aws) from SMC Atmospheric parameters at the surface level Wind speed and direction, air temperature and humidity, solar radiation, precipitation - 1 min temporal resolution NetCDF Entire Lleida region Early 2022
Radio Soundings during the SOP: CNRM and the UKMO Vertical profiles of atmospheric quantities - Latitude, Longitude, Geopotential height
- Ascent rate
- Pressure
- Dry bulb temperature, dew point temperature
- Relative humidity, water vapour mixing ratio
- Wind speed, wind direction
- approx. hourly temporal resolution (SOP Launch schedule)
CNRM sondes extended to approximately 3 km altitude: UKMO sondes sampled the troposphere
NetCDF La Cendrosa (CNRM) and Els Plans (UKMO) Early 2022